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Praise for drama academy

As the Helen O'Grady Academy in Malta celebrates its first year of operation, praise and

recommendations for the development programme through drama have been received.

Over the last year, educators, therapists and parents were invited to witness, first hand, the developmental techniques used during the high-energy classes.

Sonia Camilleri, Commissioner for Children expressed her satisfaction with the Helen

O'Grady Academy development programme: "It is an excellent educational, therapeutic and creative source for children and the feedback from parents and educators confirms this."

Rachel Xuereb, a speech-language pathologist was delighted with the motivating energy and the enthusiastic participation of all the children present.

"The holistic, therapeutic and educational values of the Helen O'Grady Academy encourage children to develop clear, articulate speech, fluent delivery and the ability to converse and discuss in a creative way that is not, unfortunately, covered in regular academic environments," she said.

Helen O'Grady, actress, teacher and founder of the academy wrote in from her home in Perth, Australia, and expressed her delight at the success of the Malta academy.

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