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Overcoming the fear of making a mistake

31 May 2009| Times of Malta

Sixty pupils from Senglea and Cospicua primary schools are benefiting from a self-

development programme that uses the latest drama techniques to help them overcome the prevailing 'fear of making a mistake' that often results in lack of participation in various

academic areas. Since classes are also given in English, another important benefit is that the children are learning to use English in a fun, stress-free environment.

The internationally acclaimed programme, organised by the Helen O'Grady Academy, the largest operation of its kind, helps 75,000 children in 25 countries develop holistically, act

confidently and speak clearly. The programme involves creative drama, speech, movement, improvisations and mini-productions in a non-competitive environment.

The programme has been running at Senglea primary school since 2005, and for the past

three scholastic years at Cospicua primary thanks to a sponsorship from HSBC Cares for

Children Fund. During a recent visit to Senglea primary by HSBC Cares for Children Fund

chairman Kate Gonzi and Lucy Weldon, wife of HSBC Bank Malta CEO Alan Richards, the

principal of the Helen O'Grady Academy in Malta, Alan Montanaro, said: "Studies show that drama reinforces the rest of the school curriculum and helps children understand, discuss and participate actively in the trials that life throws their way."

Kate Gonzi and Lucy Weldon meeting pupils at a Helen O'Grady Academy self-development session at Senglea primary school.

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