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Malta Drama Celebrates 20 Years with New Leadership and New International Curriculum

Updated: Jul 4

Malta Drama Academy, a leading institution for development programmes through the arts  in Malta for the last 20 years, announced a leadership transition and a strategic partnership with Creative Education (CrEd) International.

Alan Montanaro Passes the Torch to David Hirst

Mr. Alan Montanaro, the visionary director who spearheaded Malta Drama's success, has stepped aside allowing him  to focus on international creative learning initiatives. He expressed his confidence in his successor, Mr. David Hirst, currently the Academy’s Principal, a seasoned educator and stage professional with over 30 years of international experience.

"David is the right man for the job," said Mr. Montanaro. "His dedication to education and the arts and his extensive experience will ensure that Malta Drama continues to thrive."

Malta Drama Embraces CrEd International

Under Mr. Hirst's leadership, Malta Drama is proud to become the official representative of Creative Education International (CrEd) in Malta. CrEd offers a dynamic and internationally recognised approach to education through drama and the creative arts.

"This move signifies our evolution as an organisation," said Mr. Hirst. "CrEd's programmes empower individuals of all ages to develop essential 21st-century life skills such as communication, creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and confidence through weekly drama and musical theatre classes – skills that benefit them not only in the arts but in all aspects of life too."

This partnership brings exciting new benefits to Malta Drama students:

  • A wider range of programmes: CrEd offers a comprehensive curriculum that caters to various interests and age groups and  disciplines in drama, performing arts and musical theatre.

  • Enhanced learning experience: The combination of CrEd's innovative approach with Malta Drama's established expertise creates a transformative learning environment for students.

  • Globally recognised qualifications: CrEd programmes are partnered with Trinity College London, a world-renowned exam board, offering students internationally recognised qualifications.

Celebrating Alan Montanaro's Legacy

During Malta Drama’s annual student showcase, Mr. Montanaro was recognised for his outstanding contributions to creative education over the past 20 years. His dedication to making the arts accessible to all children has had a profound impact on countless lives. As a founding director of CrEd International, Mr. Montanaro looks forward to continuing his work on a global scale.

About Malta Drama

Malta Drama is a dynamic institution that celebrates 20 years of dedication and excellence in developing children and adults through the power of creative education. Using drama, dance and performing arts classes and our own accreditation, we empower individuals to build essential life skills, gain confidence, and release their 'star' potential. 

Student Showcase Certificate Ceremony
Malta Drama Student Showcase

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