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We are an international organisation with an excellent, yet playful approach, to education and training through the application of drama and creative education.

With decades of international experience under our belt, we impact the lives of our students whatever their age, background or abilities by building vital 21st Century life skills such as communication, creativity, collaboration and critical thinking.

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The international Helen O'Grady Academy is the only organisation of its kind in Malta offering a unique development programme that really works.

It was originally founded in 1979 in Australia, when a wonderful and visionary woman named Helen O'Grady, a trained teacher, drama teacher and actress, hired a hall and commenced affordable after school drama classes for young people from 3 years to adult.

Helen O'Grady Malta
Helen O Grady Actors Malta

Her aims provide a self-development drama programme encouraging

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203-2030344_blue-shaded-arrow-arrow-bullets-icon-png (1).png

Enthusiasm, energy and a positive approach to life

Ongoing confidence

203-2030344_blue-shaded-arrow-arrow-bullets-icon-png (1).png

Self esteem

203-2030344_blue-shaded-arrow-arrow-bullets-icon-png (1).png

Skill in verbal communication

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Effective social interaction

203-2030344_blue-shaded-arrow-arrow-bullets-icon-png (1).png

Performance skills

Helen’s legacy continues today, with over 100,000 students attending dynamic drama classes in 38 countries worldwide.

Our extensive curriculum, designed over the years by experts in their field, as well as our dynamic teachers and easily accessible venues, make this truly community-based organisation, with a strong emphasis on the care of all its students.

Students attend fast-moving classes for one hour a week, according to their specific age-group.

Parents Days and an annual production allow parents and friends to see the progress of the students first-hand.

The Malta branch of the Academy clinched the Franchisee of the Year award 2019 by Ms Helen O'Grady herself during a gala evening attended by the vice-mayor of Cardiff, Wales, UK.

Alan Montanaro Helen O 'Grady
Alan Montanaro Malta Drama Academy
Helen O'Grady Drama Founder
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