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Dance is a primal part of the human experience and transcends cultures and time periods like no other art form, so we put our heads together to come up with two programmes that work.

Malta Drama is thrilled to present two very specific dance programmes that have been developed by qualified dance teachers.  Our tutors are also accredited by the international Helen O’Grady Academy guaranteeing that, as with everything else, we offer your children the very best.

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DEVELOP & DANCE (5 to 9 years): This programme is being relaunched with a totally new curriculum.  With Develop & Dance we focus on Physical Development, Motor Skills, Creativity, Social Awareness and Emotional maturity. Your kids will LOVE this!

& DANCE (11 to 16 years): This dynamic course will be taught by a qualified dance teacher in a safe environment, and will feature the best of Street Dance, Contemporary Dance and Hip-Hop.

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Physical development and improved health and wellbeing are the most obvious benefits of dance, but students will also expand their range of motions, develop body and spatial awareness, balance and coordination skills. Social Awareness is another benefit of the programme as students learn important social skills such as taking turns, working in groups, cooperation, sharing, understanding space,following direction and watching and supporting each other.

Classes run in parallel with the scholastic term and are one hour per week and will take place at the Malta Drama HQ studios in Attard on Thursdays (4pm 5-8years / 5.30pm 9-16years) 

Fees are usually €110 for 10 lessons over 1 Term, but we are offering a relaunch price of €100. We also offer an attractive package of €180 for parents choosing to book both Dance and a Drama class.

Like drama, dance is an art form that deals with emotions allowing children the opportunity to express themselves creatively as well having fun!

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